Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One plus One does NOT equal Two...

So having two children two and under is HARD. And it is so hard to do it by yourself for a day! I don't know other moms do it, and with younger kids than mine too. And some even have three little ones at a time! So today JW was gone for a basketball camp from 8-3:30. I had planned on taking both kids to the zoo for a church playgroup, which started at 10am. The morning was rough! Savannah was nursing while I was trying to get Jackson to go #2 on the potty, and he was switching back and forth between the big potty and his potty chair every few minutes in the hour we were trying this feat. So I'm walking back and forth with Jackson by the hand, Savannah hanging off my breast, and various toys/books in my hands too to entertain him. Needless to say, we gave up after an hour. I had to get on with my day.

I took advantage of Savannah sleeping to get J dressed and change his (then) poopy diaper. But then I had to shower. I didn't wanted to leave J with Savannah unsupervised because he has been known to try to pick her up (he can do it, too). So I kept him in the bathroom with me, constantly talking with him to verify his presence, while Savannah, who had then woken up, was screaming in her bassinet. Sigh. Somehow, I managed to get us all in the car on time, and we made it to the zoo. From there, it was a breeze.

Savannah slept in either the carseat or the sling the entire two hours we were there, and J actually listened to me all day today. I rewarded us both with a trip to Starbucks afterwards. (Okay, it mostly for my benefit). So all in all the day ended up going really well, but I can definitely see the challenges having 2 little ones will present. We'll see what tomorrow brings, since JW has camp again. Maybe I'll try a trip to Barnes and Noble...


  1. Sarah, Hang in there. Here's a bit from my blog last summer. This is totally normal and it gets easier. Love you!

    "Today started with major stress. Hads and I made a plan last night to go to Pottery Barn for storytime this morning. The day started out great, I exercised, got a shower and did hair and makeup which was a first in a long time. However, Hads got on a roll and pushed EK in the face. I told her not to do it again or we would not be able to go to storytime. Guess who didn't get to go to storytime? All three of us gals were crying...EK from the push, Hads bc she lost the storytime privelege and me because I just wanted to get out of the house. It was pitiful really. I was seriously wondering if M would be home soon but it was only 10am."

  2. Thanks, Meg, that's awesome! :)