Monday, October 26, 2009

Rub a dub dub!

Finally--after 19 months of attempts, Jackson actually enjoyed his bath! Last night, I had to give him a bath after eating pizza--you can probably visualize the picture in your mind. I got in with him at first, washed him AND his hair--he cried during that part, but after that I got out, and he amazingly continued to play and splash around for another 15 minutes or so! I was so happy. I also added a bath mat last week, in hopes that it would be more comfortable than the cold hard tub, thanks to a recommendation from my sister and mom. That didn't help last week, but somehow last night it did. We'll see if the episode repeats itself...

Friday, October 23, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

Here are 2 short videos of Jackson dancing--it's hilarious!

Crazy Week

I never thought coming home from vacation would be so stressful! This has been one of the worst workweeks I have ever had. Monday I was overwhelmed with paperwork so I took a bunch home, spent 2 hours on Tuesday (my day off) getting it done. Monday night at 2am I got paged that one of my patients needed a stat C-section, so I rushed into the hospital for 2 hours to be with her (no, I didn't DO the section). Wednesday I didn't make it home in time to see Jackson before Care Group, so I didn't get to see my little guy until 9pm! Thursday I was getting ready to go to work when I get paged that one of my other patients has been admitted, her water broke, and she had been there since 2:30am--nobody paged me. Great. So now I'm headed into a full day of clinic and I have a patient there. But they reassured me she was doing well, a resident had done the initial assessment, so I planned to go see patients at clinic and head over to see her at lunchtime. Then I was so rudely interrupted by a phone call from an OB attending screaming in my ear blah blah blah. Long story short, I rushed into the hospital in tears (thankful, actually, to be pulled out of a very annoying physical exam with an older gentleman who just couldn't seem to stop telling me about His piercings...down there.) My patient was fine, but I had to sit there all day, cancel my clinic, and wait around...but finally at 8:30pm we brought a little girl into the world, and all was well. But I didn't get to see J again. This morning, I saw him for about half hour before rushing into the hospital AGAIN to round, head to clinic, and then I actually stayed until 7:40pm doing charting. Today was a world record--26 patients in one day! Wow. JW had to play guitar at church, so he actually dropped J off with me for 2 hours so I could finish up, and J did so well! He just played with his cars and this fake liver we have in the office. It was very funny. But I'm home now, J is in bed, and I was thinking "I'm so glad this week is over..." But then the pager went off again with the words, "Dr. Ruff, I have one of your patients here..." Well, she's headed home, so no worries, until the morning when I get to rise at 6am to round before JW has church stuff to do at 8am. What a whirlwind! Yesterday I was ready to quit. Today, I'm not, but I definitely am tired. And I just had vacation! When do I get another? :) Here are some pictures...

The family at the local cider mill

Jackson gobbling up an apple...

and me in Cambridge at "The Coop," reminiscing about wanting to go to Harvard in my younger, less wiser years...

Friday, October 16, 2009


I have to vent some major frustration with electronics. I got a new computer (Dell) a few months ago, and it has Windows Vista. So far, I've had no problem with it, thankfully. Last week I decided to finally update my palm pilot with my computer, but when I attempted this, I found out that my palm is not compatible with Vista. Great. Then, as I repeatedly attempted to charge my iPod to listen to music when I work out, and on turning it on read "No Battery Power," I discovered that my iPod battery will no longer hold a charge. Great. Finally, we're in Boston and my camera battery dies every time I ask a passerby to take my picture with JW. Convenient. So now I am seriously thinking about getting an iPod touch, which would be a palm, iPod, and camera all in one. We'll see. I may try to replace my iPod battery on my own; I found a 20 minute video tutorial online detailing exactly how to do this. We'll see how brave I am...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 3 year Anniversary!

So JW and are in Boston, ALONE, for our 3 year anniversary. I came here originally for a conference, and we decided to make it a mini-vacation, without Jackson. We're having a really good time; it's hard not to feel guilty when I'm not thinking of my baby 24-7, but it's nice sometimes to have non-mommy thoughts and just be with my husband. Jackson is thankfully doing very well with Grandma and Poppa; the biggest dilemma is that he lost his little shovel on "Digger" and keeps pointing on it and saying "uh-oh." Hopefully it will turn up. I'll try to take some pictures and post them later.
To my husband, JW, thank you for 3 wonderful years of marital bliss :) and for the best gift of all, our little love child Jackson. You are a wonderful leader of our househould and I look forward to learning and loving a lot more together. Love you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yesterday, Jackson busted out with "Happy!" and he keeps on saying it. What a cutie pie! He is definitely a happy baby. It just makes my heart smile to hear him say it. This picture is of him inside of our anniversary present box from JW's mom--he just went ahead and climbed in, and I proceeded to wrap him up. It provided him with at least an hour of entertainment. It was great!

"The LOrd your God is with you, the Mightly Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing."--Zephaniah 3:17