Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can we build it...YES we can!

What an eventful weekend! JW was out of town on a retreat, so it was just the little guy and me. We were busy! On Saturday, we trekked to Ann Arbor to spend the day with my friend Becky. We went to the Hands On Museum, where they had a Bob the Builder exhibit. Jackson had a blast! He couldn't get enough of the bulldozers, diggers, blocks, tools, etc. They had lifesize construction vehicles from the cartoon, and they all had a little catchphrase that they said. Jackson's favorite came from Benny the little digger, who said, "Unreal, banana peel!" I had to bribe him with a cookie to get him to leave--it worked. :)

On Sunday, after church, the two of us drove to Birch Run to have lunch with my friend Jenny and her daughter, Sydney. We ate at Uno and had a great time, then we went shopping at the Motherhood outlet for some maternity clothes. Everything was going great until our trip was cut short by Jackson's dirty diaper--I had run out of diapers, can you believe it? So we drove home, me trying to get some fresh air.

We had a happy reunion at home, since JW had returned from his trip. Jackson has been so funny lately. He can name all of our family members in Pittsburgh, and sporadically shouts out their names at random moments throughout the day. He is obsessed with fans, the humidifier, the KitchenAid stand mixer, and the blender, which scares him a little bit. He is now able to attach all of his Thomas trains together end-to-end. He can point out the numbers to me and tell me what they are, more than just the number "9." He loves blue cars and shouts it out when he sees one, even if they're not blue (we're working on our colors.)

JW and I are getting really excited about the new little baby, and today had a funny discussion about names. How about Goddess'Love (it's in the name book)?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's A Girl!!!!!!

We're about to have the "perfect" American family, with mom, dad, boy, and GIRL! We're so excited. And more importantly, the baby's healthy and perfect. Yay! Praise God! We got some great ultrasound photos, so I will scan them at work tomorrow and try to post them. They are so cute! So now the fun begins...picking out an ADORABLE name, dreaming of the cute outfits we'll dress her in, etc. Thanks for all of your prayers!

Monday, February 15, 2010

18 Weeks!

red pepper

Tomorrow's the big day...I get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl! Right now, the baby's as long as a bell pepper (hence, the picture.) I just started to feel the fluttering a few days ago, and NOW I remember what it feels like! I'll definitely be posting tomorrow re: the baby's sex.

Jackson is still hilarious. He is so smart! I found him putting a puzzle together correctly the other day, and it just amazed me. And he makes us read his "Cars" books (he has four, now) over and over again; I think he is memorizing them at this point. Eating has been a bit finicky lately; he's more interested in playing than eating, as is normal at this age, I know.


The other funny thing that he's obsessed with lately is the attachment to my kitchen-aid stand mixer. He helped me bake cookies in it the other day and really liked it, so now he wants to carry the attachment around. It's pretty funny. It would hurt if he hurled it at me, but so far, so good.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little Drummer Boy

You love music, Jackson! You love the drums at church, and can't wait to see them every Sunday! You love playing your little guitar and jamming like Daddy does. You love listening to music on the radio. Your favorite songs are:
1. Jeremy Camp's "Walk by Faith," a.k.a. "Yeah, yeah"
2. Dry Bones, a.k.a. "Jawbone"
3. Bingo
4. If You're Happy and You Know It

We love you little man! Keep loving music!
Tomorrow, Daddy and I both will be singing/playing in church, I am so excited that we both get to help others worship. Praise God!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

Well, I'm at work, but the whole world has a snow day. And surprisingly I am pretty busy at work, too. JW, bless his heart, shoveled for an hour this morning and didn't even get half of the driveway done, and our street didn't get plowed until 10:30am. I didn't know how I would make it out of our neighborhood, so I got a co-worker to pick me up after I trekked through the snowy streets to the main road.

Yesterday was a great day. It was Tuesday, my day off, so JW, Jackson, and I went to the YMCA to work out. Then, I took Jackson out on a "date." We spent about an hour at Hobby Lobby, since I have never been to the one here in Saginaw, and it was SO much fun! All of their scrapbooking supplies were 50% off, so I bought a few things. Jackson had a blast; we found him a "Cars" book and he occupied himself by reading it in the shopping cart, as well as by pointing out all of the humongous speakers and fans hanging from the ceiling. After that, we went to Barnes and Noble. We split a panini sandwich, Mozarella, Tomato, and Pesto, and he ate the whole half! I got a coffee, Jackson enjoyed his organic milk, then we went to the children's section to play with the Thomas the Train set. Jackson had a blast, and I occupied myself with reading about toddler discipline. We called it a day when I smelled a dirty diaper. :)

After coming home, we spent about 2 hours trying to put him down for his nap. JW was the one who finally succeeded. So I went out with a friend to see the movie, "To Save a Life." It's a Christian movie, very well-made and not cheesy at all, and it had such a great message. I was crying like a baby at the end, not because it was sad, but it really was touching. We came home, enjoyed the Broccoli Ham Ring recipe from Pampered Chef, and I tutored my friend in conversions. Fun. The day ended with an episode of Lost. What a great day!

I never blogged about the weekend, either. On Saturday we went to Perchville in Tawas, MI. We hung out with our family and it was great. Jackson had such a fun time playing with his cousins. Unfortunately, he had no nap, so by the end of the day, he was getting crazy. The funniest part of the day was when I let him run around in only his diaper, and he had a ball! He kept saying, "Nudie, nudie!" and smiling and laughing, it was adorable.

Sunday we went to church, and Jackson got to play the big drums! He was in his glory (picture to follow). Then we had our friends over for the Superbowl, and that was a lot of fun, too.

Well, I better get back to work!

Monday, February 1, 2010

16 weeks!

Baby is the size of an avocado today and is rapidly growing. I haven't been able to feel it move yet, but any day now...

Today I decided to try something new-I got up at 6am, had a little devotion time, and then went run/walking with my friend Rebecca from my care group. It was great--I already have my workout out of the way today! We're going again on Wednesday. I'm just getting too tired at night, and I would really like to spend some more time with JW.

Tonight I'm going to try a Pampered Chef recipe that looks kind of complicated, but we'll see. We're having our neighbor Ann over. It involves folding pizza crust dough into wierd shapes. Wish me luck!