Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can we build it...YES we can!

What an eventful weekend! JW was out of town on a retreat, so it was just the little guy and me. We were busy! On Saturday, we trekked to Ann Arbor to spend the day with my friend Becky. We went to the Hands On Museum, where they had a Bob the Builder exhibit. Jackson had a blast! He couldn't get enough of the bulldozers, diggers, blocks, tools, etc. They had lifesize construction vehicles from the cartoon, and they all had a little catchphrase that they said. Jackson's favorite came from Benny the little digger, who said, "Unreal, banana peel!" I had to bribe him with a cookie to get him to leave--it worked. :)

On Sunday, after church, the two of us drove to Birch Run to have lunch with my friend Jenny and her daughter, Sydney. We ate at Uno and had a great time, then we went shopping at the Motherhood outlet for some maternity clothes. Everything was going great until our trip was cut short by Jackson's dirty diaper--I had run out of diapers, can you believe it? So we drove home, me trying to get some fresh air.

We had a happy reunion at home, since JW had returned from his trip. Jackson has been so funny lately. He can name all of our family members in Pittsburgh, and sporadically shouts out their names at random moments throughout the day. He is obsessed with fans, the humidifier, the KitchenAid stand mixer, and the blender, which scares him a little bit. He is now able to attach all of his Thomas trains together end-to-end. He can point out the numbers to me and tell me what they are, more than just the number "9." He loves blue cars and shouts it out when he sees one, even if they're not blue (we're working on our colors.)

JW and I are getting really excited about the new little baby, and today had a funny discussion about names. How about Goddess'Love (it's in the name book)?

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