Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Broken

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After reading her post today, I was at a loss.  How can I write anything about my seemingly unimportant life when the King of Kings was BROKEN today.  The video about the Story of God hit me hard.  I have made no time for God these past 6 months.  I pray, yes.  But reading the Bible, nope.  Trying to grow my walk, nope.  Just trying to survive, to make sense of this new chapter in my life where I am the mom of a kid with autism.  Gotta love the twisted plot.  This week I felt so BROKEN by life; how hard marriage really is, unruly kids who get so out of control, lack of sleep, no "me" time, family problems, etc.  Lots of drama.  But today, just now, I remembered Who is in control.  And I need Him more than I need a perfect marriage, perfect kids, exercise, water, food, sleep--He is my air, the blood through my veins, the reason I'm alive, the reason I don't have to face Death.  Thank you Jesus, for being broken on that cross.  Please forgive me for my selfishness.  I pray that this weekend I can continue to reflect on Him and what a huge gift He is in my life.  I pray I can glorify Him through my trials and triumphs, and not get so bogged down by the daily grind.  He is more that all of that.  He is "it."  Thank you, Lord, for giving me a glimpse through your eyes tonight.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Home

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Perfect topic this week, as it's been a hard week emotionally.  Still missing the home we had in Michigan with our church family and our biological family, while trying daily to make this new house our home.  The kids feel the struggle as well, as they still will tell me how much they miss Saginaw, and then we will take turns saying what we miss.  But then I try to get them to think of what they would miss here in NC if we were not here, and that helps a lot.  Of course, then there's the whole "Is the house I grew up in my home?  Are where my parents live my home?"  As an adult with my own family, I'm learning every day that my home is where they are.  And thankfully, God is wherever we are, and that makes things "homey" as well.  Right now, our home is a place where my son can get the help that he needs, even though at times it feels very far away from friendly and familiar faces.  I think it will help me to remember Jesus' arms wrapped around me at night when I'm sad and missing things, that He is my Home, where I belong, where I can feel safe, and where I can always come back to.  That makes me feel a lot better.