Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Eventful Day...

Yesterday we had a very momentous occasion...Jackson used the potty for the first time! And it was entirely initiated by him, it was awesome. He had the "look," but before I could say anything, he said, "Potty." So we put him on the potty, he played for awhile, said he was done, and we diapered him up. I didn't realize he had gone, he was so nonchalant about it. When I got up to walk over to the potty, sure enough, #1 and #2 in there! I was SO proud of him, I gave him his promised new car (DJ from the Cars movie), and praised him all day. I'm hoping he'll try it again today.

Savannah and I went to my work yesterday to see my coworkers and introduce her. It was great to see everyone again, but I did NOT miss the stack of paperwork on my desk (thankfully, it belonged to someone else.) Savannah nursed most of the day yesterday, I had to pull the old nursing in the sling trick again, which thankfully worked, since we had company for dinner, and I really wanted to join everyone at the table. Today, I pumped for the first time, only 2 oz, but we're going to try the bottle today to see how she does. I hope it works!

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