Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Dedication

Today we dedicated baby Savannah Grace to God's care. It was our first outing to church, and she did wonderfully! She looked adorable, and she slept until it was over, which was absolutely perfect. It was so nice making our debut together, she was simply precious.

In other news, Savannah has been successful at taking the bottle. Because of this, I took Jackson on a date yesterday, just the two of us, to Tropical Smoothie Cafe for lunch and then to Barnes and Noble, for old times' sake, for some reading and train playing. I ended up buying him two books (surprise, surprise). He was so well-behaved and both of us really enjoyed our bonding time. I hope to do that more often, and now that I have some milk stored up in the freezer, I can get away for little spurts without too much worry. In fact, I ventured to the YMCA today for my first "official" workout, and it felt great. I'm on my way, folks!

Jackson continues to attempt to go the bathroom in the potty; he has been successful about 3 times. We try to bribe him with toys that we have bought for him, but usually he just can't be bothered with it. We'll continue to try, as his diapers are getting out of control.

Jackson has been throwing lots of tantrums lately, but I borrowed a technique from Supernanny, and when he is freaking out, I put him in the "cool down chair" to cool down. It's slightly different from time-out, and it seems to work. He also borrows a line from a recent Bob the Builder episode where Brad Rad and Scratch need to relax: "Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think." It's very cute.

Life is good.

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