Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth Of July

Delayed entry, but I have been pretty busy lately.
Last Friday, we went to Oxford to celebrate the fourth with our friends and family. We spent the day with Grammi and Grauntie Jane, and then we went over to Jason and Jenny's at Upland Hills Farm for dinner and fireworks. J had such a great time at the farm, and so did I--it was like his farm books came to life, with baby animals everywhere we looked. My favorite was the new kittens who were 2 days old and nursing--I could relate to the mama kitten, who kept walking away from her babies--I think she needed a little time for herself! It's hard enough with one baby nursing, but she had five at once! It was really beautiful. Jackson liked chasing the ducks all over the place as well. I got to hold a baby chick, and I freaked out when I tried to pick up a rabbit. You can tell I wasn't raised on a farm. :) I wasn't planning on staying for the fireworks, but J fell asleep in my arms, so we thought it would be okay. Jackson woke up for the display, and he loved them! He just pointed at the fireworks and was great to know that he's not scared of them. So we enjoyed a great Fourth of July with our friends, and "Spot Goes to the Farm" came to life for us.

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