Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Day

What a whirlwind of a day! Take a look...
6:30am...wake up, make coffee, fold laundry
7:15am...Jackson wakes up, feed everyone breakfast, get ready for work
8:00am...leave for the hospital
10:15am...finish rounding
10:45am...relieve JW so that he can go to the Y; Jackson is sleeping, so I pick up, fold more laundry, empty the dishwasher, check email
12:15pm...Jackson wakes up; change and feed him, leave for Olive Garden for a nice lunch with JW and Jackson
1:30pm...leave Olive Garden, it was a success, Jackson ate some breadsticks
2:00pm...play at the park, but Jackson was more interested in watching the digger move dirt.
3:00pm...leave for the spa to get my eyebrows waxed
4:00pm...Pure Barre, it kicked my booty!
5:00pm...Walmart and Aldi for some necessary shopping
6:00pm...make BLT wraps for the family, unload groceries
7:00pm...bike ride/jog with the neighbor girls and Jackson in the stroller
8:30pm...rock Jackson to sleep; it took a little longer than normal because he had the hiccups for FOREVER!
9:00pm...Kroger to finish shopping, with a quick stop at Rite Aid on a mission to find jellybeans for JW--mission accomplished!
10:00pm...2 games of Yahtzee with JW
11:00pm...ready to call it a BUSY DAY!

But I had to share just one more thing...The funniest thing about today was trying to feed Jackson dinner. He would eat, but only if he could hold the mayonnaise jar, which he proceeded to carry around the house after dinner before finally depositing it in front of the fridge. It was pretty funny.

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