Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicken Pox

So I think the little guy has the chicken pox. He had a fever for three days, and on day 2 we noticed tiny little vesicles consistent with the chicken pox. It stinks, because he got the vaccine, but I guess this happens sometimes. The good news is that it will likely be a milder case. He's finally having a little more energy today, which is a blessing. Thankfully, Grandma and Grandpa are here to give him lots of loving. Unfortunately, Mommy has to be at the hospital all day inducing a girl into labor; it is so hard to be away from my little one when I know he's not feeling so hot. Sigh. He's so funny, he is carrying his little Tylenol bottle around like it's his favorite toy. What is so appealing about that?

One more unrelated thing. Well, it's related in the fact that I love my baby and I want to help protect all babies in the world and let them be born. My friend Peg posted an article on her blog that I wanted you to read. Click here to read it. We really need to be praying about what our president is doing, and try to contact our legislature to make our voices heard. Peace out!

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  1. Sarah I am so sorry Jackson is sick. Thankfully we never had chicken pox run through our house. Hang in there! It is so tough when a little one is sick and you can't be there. I have been there a time or two! It never gets any easier, even as they get older. Try to enjoy the rest of your time with your mom and dad!