Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camp Lake Louise

I finally got a chance to surf the Internet here at camp, and I wanted to blog! We're having a great time here. Jackson is in his element: he is in the middle of nature, has a huge audience of adoring fans, and both parents at the same time for an entire week! There are about 60 kids here, all in high school, and they are great. As the Camp Health Officer, or Nurse, or Doctor, or whatever you want to call me, I see the kids after breakfast and before dinner to give their meds or give them a bandaid or some cortisone cream or some tampons...and then anytime in between that they need me. We only had one major incident so far, a boy who was playing basketball in the wrong shoes and broke his foot. We had to send him to the hospital for xrays, which confirmed my suspicion that it was indeed broken and not a sprain. He's doing fine, now. Otherwise, it's been great spending time with baby boy and getting to know the kids. I don't really miss the phone or the computer much, but I do miss sleeping, as that is something I don't get a whole lot of. The kids have about 75 minutes a day after lunch to nap--"H Hour," or horizontal hour--but usually I'm playing with the little guy. JW is in his element--he gets to play guitar for the praise band, video, and put together slide shows and the DVD that the kids get to go home with. Everyone loves him, of course.

Jackson has been doing some cute things while we've been here. No new words, but last night, after finishing my second novel of the week, I decided to write him a list of the cute things he's been doing, with the ultimate intention of blogging it. Here goes:

--When the counsellors and campers were having their basketball game, I thought it would be a great idea to take you down to watch. You only wanted to get into the action, though, and would have been trampled underfoot if it weren't for my quick Mommy skills. We had to leave while you threw a tantrum because you really really wanted to play. The next day, when Daddy and I brought you down by ourselves to run all over the court, you didn't want any part of it. Instead, you proceeded to run thru the tall grass "Little House on the Prairie" style. Cute.
--You think that baths and showers are torture devices.
--You don't like the lake, but you will run full speed to the end of the dock and stop abruptly. You also love stepping on and off the sides of the dock into one inch of water. You like throwing your little fish toys into the water, but if they float too far away (past your knees deep) you just stand there and reach out for someone to get them for you.
--If you get dirt on your hands, you reach your hand out for me to brush it off.
--You like walking up to plants and pulling the leaves off.
--You love practicing stepping up and down. There is a rock on a platform in the center of the field here, and you like to step up, plaster yourself flat against the rock in stealth mode, look around to see who's watching you, and then step back down.
--You have really enjoyed expanding your dietary preferences to include Yoplait strawberry yogurt (but not the strawberry chunks), real bacon, macaroni salad, and pizza! You still won't eat grilled cheese.
--You don't like napping here, it's too exciting. But you will lay your head down on the yucky bug-gut-encrusted carpet when you get tired.
--You think that the Benadryl bottle is a morraca. (spelling?)
--You still like to point at my chest with one little finger when you want milk, and when I ask if that's what you want, you giggle mischievously.

Those are my thoughts for the day. I miss everyone, but I'm safe and having a good time with my family. Talk to you when I get home! Check out the camp's website at

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