Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Amusings

I have another 2 words to add to Jackson's list:

11. Jesus (said while pointing to the picture of Jesus in his baby bible. I've also taught him that the picture of Mary, as in Mary and Martha, next to Jesus is actually "Mama." Oh well)
12. Bible (I know it seems wierd, but he says it as he's bringing me the bible, and it's definitely a different sound than "book" or "ball.")

Now, keep in mind that his words often are not reoccuring. They are pretty random at this point. But it's a start! Oh, he meowed yesterday too. He loves cats, not like me.

Since I haven't been blogging very much, I have a few cute things to add.

On Saturday, we took JW's mom to dinner at Apple Mountain Ski and Golf Resort, one of our new faves. It was the first meal out with Jackson that I actually enjoyed. He did so well! He ate almost the entire duration of the meal, allowing me to enjoy my meal too. It helped that I ordered a big salad with pineapple, mandarin oranges, strawberries, and turkey bites; ok, so I ended up eating mostly lettuce, but hey, it was worth it. :)

JW and J were playing in the yard, and JW had his golf club and ball out there. J was definitely playing with the ball, and when JW went to look for it, it was gone. The three of us searched the yard, the dirt, the plants, but still have yet to find it. It's a mystery... We did find a doggy toy that is a ball, which of course J loves to play with.

Jackson is back into the "tickle mitt," a mitten that allows your fingers to poke out and makes you look like a monster with which you tickle the baby. I taught him to put it on himself, and he looks so funny with his "monster" hand.

We're getting ready to go to Camp Lake Louise next week, so be prepared for another lull in blogging, but I'll try to keep track of all the funny things that happen and write when we get back. Oh, by the way, J is 15 months old!

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  1. REminds me of another quote I saw:
    Please excuse the mess...the children are just making memories!

    Also, I saw a sign with the last verse of your poem at . It would be really cool for you to have one in J's room to carry on the family tradition!