Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Being Silly

I have to add to Jackson's Lexicon:

7. "Men!" for Amen after grace
8. Truck
9. Tiger (as in Woods); for real, he pointed at the TV screen during the golf tournament and said it!
10. Bear

Jackson has been so funny the last few days, I just have to share so that I don't forget:

  • He fell on the driveway and scraped his knee. It was a pretty good scrape. I was teaching him that it was a "boo-boo," and I would kiss it. Then I showed him Mommy's boo-boo from cutting herself with the knife (surprise, surprise), and he kissed it! So adorable!

  • I bought him Tadoodles, which are Crayola's brand of Toddler-shaped crayons. They look like eggs. J thought they were a toy and just wanted to bang them together. When JW left the room for a second, on returning, he saw the J had blue crayon all over his face--he had eaten the tip off the crayon! I guess he's not old enough to color...

  • I bought J a new book, Spot Goes to the Farm. There is one page that he keeps turning to, that of a duck in a pond. But for some reason, he's obsessed with the reeds (cattails) behind the pond, and he keeps incessantly pointing at them and talking about them. I'm not sure what he thinks they are, exactly, but he sounds really concerned about whatever it is. It's a mystery for now...

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