Monday, June 27, 2011

Diaper Fairy

Well, today was day 1 of Potty Training Boot Camp, with your host, me. I'm off this week and I decided it would be great time to bite the bullet and "get 'er done." The diaper fairy came last night and brought Jackson 2 new cars and took all of his Pull-ups. We went nude all day, fluid-loaded, and he actually managed to pee in the potty 25 times, evidenced by the number of stickers in his new sticker book. That means he also ate 50 M&Ms. Man. Bad momma. I need to move on to apple slices. :) No #2 yet today, but I'm going to try chocolate milk tomorrow and see if that can stimulate things. I also ordered a hedge trimmer that he's been dying to have, and it is scheduled to come tomorrow, hopefully in time to reward him when he finally does #2 in the potties. And best part about accidents! I'm so proud of my big boy, he must have been ready, and God is blessing me today because it didn't have to go this well. I'm so tired of asking, "Do you have to go potty?" I need to make a recording of myself saying that and play it every 10 minutes. :) Way to go, Jackson!

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