Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sound the Alarms, Jackson's Turning 3!

Today was Jackson's 3rd birthday party! We had it at the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum, and it was a blast! The theme this year was fire trucks and firemen, and I think it went really well. Guests included me, JW and Savannah of course; Aunt Mary Beth; Grammi and Great Aunt Jane; Kelly and Michael Rigterink; Aunt Paula; and Denise, Talli, Josiah, Livia, and Liya Nelson. We had 5 Alarm Chili, Hot Dogs, and Hungry Girl Cupcakes which were amazing! The kids all had a blast, and I was so proud of my big boy. Savannah was also the star of the museum; the staff actually begged me to sign a release so that they could take her picture and post it on their facebook. What a proud mommy I was! He got some great presents and is currently asleep in his room, probably dreaming of toys and sweets. 2 more days and he actually will be 3, ahhhh!

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