Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jackson!

Dearest Jackson,
I can't believe it's been 3 whole years that I've been blessed to be your mommy! You are growing up, and you are now officially a "preschooler." You go to preschool twice a week, you can count to 26, you know all your ABC's and letter sounds, and you've memorized so many books that I could swear you could read! Here are some of your stats/faves:
Height: 38.5 inches
Weight: 36.5 lbs
Size: 4T (we skipped over 3T somehow)
Diapers: still, size 5
Favorite Movie: Cars
Favorite Foods: Chicken Nuggets (some things never change), bananas
Favorite Toys: your cars, your John Deere Gator, your Handy Manny tools
Favorite TV show: Handy Manny

No paci! You gave it up, we're so proud of you! The paci fairy came and took it. Now you sleep with a little lightning bug lovey I bought for Savannah, but you just love it, so be it. You've slept in an air mattress on the floor for most of the year, but recently it got a hole in it from your rough play :) and we've moved you back into the bulldie bed, you're doing great. You still nap, thankfully. You're great with sitters, you are friendly to most people, and you are becoming a very nice, polite, well-mannered little boy. You love Jesus and learning about Him and God, praise the Lord! You've met all your milestones this year except for dressing yourself; though I'm sure it's not so much a "can't" as a "won't." Last year, we were worried that you couldn't jump; now, we couldn't stop you from jumping if we tried, and you can even do jumping jacks, make baskets, kick and throw a ball, and run. I'm looking forward to a great spring and summer with you, exploring all the new things you'll be able to do outside.

You're a big brother, and you are so good with your little sis! She adores you and never stops smiling at you, even when you "lovingly" squeeze her little cheeks too hard.

I love you so much, and I can't wait to have another great year with my little guy!

Love always,

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