Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To An End...

Sigh. I go back to work tomorrow. I'm sad, but happy. Being a mom is very ambiguous. It will be good to be back in a routine. It will be very sad to leave my family. But J.W. can get to nurture the little ones in new ways, and I have faith that we will grow as a family, somehow.

Jackson is asleep right now, on an air mattress in his room, with the light on, surrounded by books. He was reading to himself up there for about an hour out of his toddler bible. How can I get mad about that? Praise God for him. Bedtime isn't so bad, he eventually falls asleep, and sleeps in pretty well after some early morning awakenings. Naps are a different story, as in, nonexistent. The other day, he did sleep, but he had climbed underneath his gate (it was raised so he wouldn't climb OVER it) and fell asleep on the floor just outside his room. WHY? Yesterday, I took him for a run and he fell asleep in the stroller, and he stayed asleep for awhile after we parked it inside the house. Without a nap, the little guy struggles, and we grapple for patience. I pray that eventually he will regain the all precious nap. I took it for granted before that he went down so easily.

Savannah has been sleeping most of the day today. She finally will take the bottle, which is an answer to prayer, and she sleeps AWESOME at night. Although we'll probably have an all-nighter tonight since she slept all day. With babies and toddlers, things NEVER stay the same, so never get comfortable. I'm trying to enjoy each and every moment, however, because I know when they're older, I'll be wishing for the "simpler" days of today. If only I remember how hard these days were too... Live for today!

Well, wish me luck tomorrow, I'm off to save lives, I hope...


  1. Good luck, Sarah - you can do it!

  2. Hope the day went well. Call me when you can!