Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2 months old!

This entry is also a little late, things have been really hectic in the Ruff household. I just spent a week in Denver at a conference. I took Savannah with me, and we had a great mother-daughter time. We were inseparable, and I'm finding out now that it might not be the greatest thing, since now Savannah is adamantly rejecting the bottle again. Bummer.

Jackson has decided not to sleep any more, which has been very discouraging. We've tried many different approaches to this problem, but we're back to the old Ferber method, letting him cry in his room. Thankfully, since we've been on board with this approach, it has been a lot better, and he's actually sleeping in the chair in his room. Wierd, I know, but at least he's sleeping in his room, right? Who knows, this parenting thing is very confusing.

Before Denver, my sis came to visit us for a week, which was a great time. It was such a blessing being able to spend some QT with her. There's nothing like sisters.

So now we're all at home together as a family again, preparing for this Friday, when I go back to work. AHHHHH! I pray for everything to work itself out, and I know that it will.

Savannah, you are 2 MONTHS OLD! The time has flown by so fast. I have really enjoyed these last 10 weeks at home with you. You have changed so much since we first brought you home. You don't spit up as much, you are content to sit in your swing, in your bouncer, or on your playmat. You actually are sleeping thru the night, from about 11pm to 5am, in your Pack'n'Play, which has been a HUGE blessing. You LOVE to nurse, and you hate the bottle; that will have to change soon. You smile all the time, and you love to hold conversations with me, cooing and making the most precious sounds to my ears. You think your brother is hilarious, and you smile at him when he comes over. You are a good traveller and have already had your first airplane trip across the country! At your 2 month check-up, you weighed 12 lbs 12 oz and measured 23.5 inches long, both in the 90th percentile. You are just about to sneak into 6 month sized clothes, since the 3 month clothes are a bit snug on you. We love you so much, and you are such a blessing to our family.

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