Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cute things

Jackson has been soooo cute lately. And also soooo 2 years old. He is a little whiny, to say the least. But I would say his behavior the majority of the time is just sooo sweet.

  • He usually loves to play with his many cars, and every night he picks one or two to go to sleep with. (No soft and cuddly lovey for our boy!)

  • He is finally sleeping in his big boy bed regularly, and he no longer gets out, thanks to our new video monitor (which saves me steps) and a sticker reward system--it works!

  • He spends a lot of time outside, either at the playground, where we are blessed to have a live construction site complete with working vehicles; also in our sandbox or on the driveway coloring with chalk.

  • Today, I was trying to teach him to say "Excuse me" after he burps, and he then proceeded to make himself fake burp. It was hilarious. I didn't think they did that stuff until they were older!

  • He loves playing in the tub, mostly just pouring water from one container to another, but he HATES getting washed.

  • He loves being "nudie" and he will ask to "run away."

  • He still loves his paci (I actually bought him a new one about 2 months ago because the old one was so worn that pieces of silicone were coming off in his mouth!)

  • He still listens to lullabies at night.

  • He goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up between 5-6:30a.m. (Yawn!)

  • He loves to eat fruit, and will eat it all day if he can. He also loves chicken nuggets, meatballs, and mac and cheese. Ventures to what we have been eating have not been super successful thus far.

  • He loves calling me names that are NOT my name, like "ma-muck," "ma-meek," etc.

  • He loves reading books still, and will read the same ones over and over.

  • Every morning he will watch about an hour of video--John Deere, Bob the Builder, or Leap Frog. No commercial TV yet.

Just wanted to remind myself of the cute stuff he is doing. It's easy to get distracted with #2 on the way, but my #1 is super cool and getting so big! What a good big brother he will make!

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  1. He sounds like the most adorable über-boy ever!