Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eventful Day...

Today was an eventful day! I had my doctor's appointment, and in one week of Braxton-Hicks contractions, I have gone from a closed cervix to one that is 2cm dilated and half thinned out! Plus, her head is really low (I could have told you that, I walk like a shuffling/waddling cowboy). I'm super excited. No painful contractions yet, but things are happening, which is exciting.
Our little guy fell down the entire flight of carpeted stairs today...oops. :( Hence this black eye. He is doing fine, no major complications, but man do we feel bad! And we were right there, so it's not like we're bad parents, really! And we don't beat our child. But he was a little stinker today! So many temper tantrums, it was unreal. I was thankful that God allowed me to keep my cool and stay calm, and really just fill me with compassion for him rather than anger.
I'm hoping for a quiet night, we'll see...

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