Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Machines

Jackson and I have had a fun couple of days. On Sunday, after he awoke from his nap, I took him to a tractor show. Well, by the time we arrived, it was over, so we didn't have to pay the admission fee, which was nice, and J still got to run around like crazy seeing all the John Deere tractors. He kept saying, "Johnny Popper!" and "Otto plow the field, oh no!" which are from his "All About John Deere" DVDs; we watch them every morning. There was a guy there who was nice enough to give him a ride around the field on his tractor, it was so cool!

But of course, he was most excited to sit on a silly lime green no-name lawn mower tractor. Oh well. As long as he's happy! Notice all the John Deeres in the background...

Today, we went to the playground, and there was a digger and a skidsteer, both which Jackson was SO excited to be around. So I snapped some cute pictures:

Baby girl flipped over the weekend, but I just got back from grocery shopping and she flipped back to breech again. Bummer. I even went to the chiropractor today, which actually was helpful, because apparently my right SI joint was so out of alignment that my right leg was 1/2 inch shorter than my left! No wonder I was having trouble walking! Keep praying!

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