Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some firsts...

Well, the week started out with Jackson getting a cold; fever, runny nose, decreased appetite; but still a ton of Jackson energy! On Thursday morning, I decided to look in his ears, "just to make sure," and he seemed to have an ear infection. So I called him in some amoxicillin after consulting with out pediatrician; his first course of antibiotics in almost 2 years, I had held off so long! So he got two doses. But then yesterday morning, my mom brought him in to see me when he woke up, and he was struggling to breathe, with retractions, stridor, and a very wierd sounding voice/cry; no cough, though. I called our doctor because I wanted to take him to the ER, which he advised, so we made our first trip there as well. It turns out, the kid just has croup, which makes sense now, after the fact, of course. He got a breathing treatment and some steroids at the ER and felt a lot better. They gave us an inhaler with a face mask to continue his breathing treatments, which Jackson has done really well with. In the picture, you see him with the face mask. He thinks it's cool. We put his little arm band on his teddy bear when we got home; I'll be sure to scrapbook it. I was so impressed with how well he did in the ER, with the doctor and nurses taking his temp (rectally!), looking in his ears/throat, listening to his heart and lungs; mommy's little boy!

Besides all of this adventure, it was my birthday--I'm 31! My mom and I went shopping, and she bought me tons of maternity clothes that are super cool, and an awesome pair of boots! I'll post some pics if I think of it as I wear my new outfits! Then, we went to hear Amy Grant in concert--it was a small venue, and we could see her face perfectly! It was a wonderful evening out.

Today, JW and I get to have a date; we're doing a movie, then dinner and a night at a bed and breakfast in town. I'm super excited!

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  1. Like your new hair! Have fun on your date! Sorry you went through that with Jackson but it makes me feel better to know someone else has albuterol in their house! Love you!