Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, we survived Christmas. Unfortunately, everyone in the family EXCEPT Jackson has been sick, starting with me on Christmas day. Not so fun. But we are better, and we're praying for the family members that are still recovering. A yucky GI thing. No fun. But little J had a blast, he thoroughly enjoyed his presents this year, it was a lot better than last year. His fave gift was definitely the bulldozer he got from my Nana. But he's doing a good job not discriminating; he plays with all of his toys a little so they don't feel left out. :)

Jackson did the cutest thing last night in the car. I was listening to my music, and I heard him saying something repeatedly. I turned the music down, and he was saying, "One, two, three!" It was super cute. I guess he and his dad play a game and count like that, I was so happy to hear him say that.

Also, the last two nights I think he has been so excited to sleep in his own bed that he won't even let me rock him, he just says, "Bed, bed," and I put him in his crib and he goes to sleep on his own. My little baby is growing up!

Speaking of babies, I must officially announce on my blog that I am almost 12 weeks pregnant, hurray! I will be blogging more about my pregnancy now that the news is out.

Tomorrow...New Years' Resolutions...

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