Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nightshade and tomatoes

So yesterday I spent most of the day weeding after finding poisonous nightshade in our neighbor's garden that had creeped through the fence into ours, right where the tomato plant is. I'm not sure if that is what Jackson ate the other day, but I'm not taking any chances in the future. After I finished with our yard, I went next door and asked the neighbors if I could tackle theirs, which I did. I think there is no more left, thank goodness, but I know it can come back, so I will be vigilant. While I was weeding, J was eating tomatoes, so many that his butt is going to be very sore over the next few days. He looked so funny with his cheeks full and tomato juice dribbling down his chin, combined with the dirt from his hands. We actually had another bath (2 in 2 days, record!) and he did okay. Other funny things today:
-while I was dusting, he was taking a tissure and wiping everything off
-while I was cleaning the bathroom, he took the glass cleaner and aimed it into the toilet like he was going to help, too
-while I was sweeping, he took his brush and helped me sweep
-he couldn't get enough bananas, either, eating 2 entire ones in the course of the day
-he wanted me to sing "If I Were a Butterful" over an over, after he would point at the butterfly in "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and he would try to do the hand motions with me

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