Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Weekend!

What a fun weekend! Jackson is blowing me away with all of his words. He gets more animated by the minute. He did so well away from home--we were at Darin and Bethany's one night, and Grammi's for 2 more nights. He did wonderfully! I am such a proud mommy. :) One of the cutest things was when he brought me his tennis shoes and said "shoes" for the first time. He wanted to go play outside. So cute! And yesterday, I was pulling weeds at home, and he wanted to help. He "stole" my weeding tool and walked around the yard poking it into the ground. It was really cute. Then he was pretending to water the plants with the watering can--there wasn't any water in it. I picked our baby tomatoes off the plant, and J stole one and ate it before I could wash it. Oops, but he really looked adorable with tomato juice running off his chin. Here are his latest words:
41. Shoes
42. Bull-Dee (for bulldozer)
43. Wiggle (as in what the crocodile does and what he does with his toes)

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