Monday, September 14, 2009

18 Months Old!

Jackson is getting so old! I can't believe he is halfway to his second birthday, wow. Today was intereting...JW called me at work to tell me that he thought Jackson had eaten a random berry on a branch on the ground in our backyard. Thankfully, it was only half of one because J spit it out, but it was still a little scary, and I don't know where the branch came from. So I called Poison Control, which was very helpful; they said that as long as the child eats only a few, even if it is poisonous, you usually don't have to worry. So I chose not to...I am still trying to ID the berry, taking it to some nurseries until we can figure it out, because it would be good to know. And we have discarded all of the other branches with berries in the yard. He is completely fine, sleeping soundly, and I think no harm was done. Thank the Lord!
When I got home from work, I took Jackson outside to pull some weeds and pick some more baby tomatoes, which he promptly ate. He got so much dirt in his hair from the garden that we had to get a bath. I got one with him this time, so it thankfully wasn't a huge deal, he did okay. Here is a silly picture of him after the bath. Happy 18 month birthday baby!

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