Sunday, February 8, 2009

Perchville, USA

Yesterday, we made our first trip to Tawas, MI to visit Aunt Sally and Uncle Ed and the cousins for the annual festival of Perchville. We started the afternoon with the "Chilly Cook Off," which was really fun, though it wasn't so chilly yesterday, reaching over 50 degrees! We didn't give any chili to J, though, because I remembered the scene from "Mr. Mom." After we got home, JW took Jackson sledding, and he had a great time! Granted, he only went down the hill once, but that was enough. He got a kick out of JW's wolf hat he borrowed from Uncle Ed; he was giggling! And another milestone, he waved "bye-bye" all by himself for the first time! It was adorable!

Check out the silly video of Jackson sledding:

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