Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dance with Elmo!

"The only thing that seems eternal and natural in motherhood is ambivalence."--Jane Lazarre

Yesterday morning my eyes were droopy with sleep, as little J decided sleep wasn't what he had in mind overnight. I wasn't too happy to be his mom. But as the day wore on, and included a yummy 2 hour nap for me, I felt much better and couldn't imagine being anywhere other than right here. J was so funny yesterday; I turned on his Elmo Live doll (who needed a battery replacement and whose one arm is now broken from J's rough play), and pressed his tummy, at which point Elmo starts to sing, "Dance with Elmo" along to a funky beat. J started to do his bouncy dance, and I could have sworn he said, "Dance," or at least something that sounds like that. It was super cute. And then this morning I awoke at 4am for the first time, and then he slept again until 7:30am, so I feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. It's funny what a few hours of sleep can do for you...

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