Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Entry

I was inspired to create this blog by my good friend Meg, another fellow "mommy on call," who created a blog as well. I have a baby blog, as most of you know, for posting pics of baby Jackson, but I thought it would be fun, therapeutic, and just a good idea to make a blog for me, to record my thoughts and perceptions on what goes on in my life. I will continue to update Jackson's baby blog, of course, thru his first year. This blog will be more of a place where I can record the "jackson'isms" of the day, touching patient encounters, or just random thoughts from my head. I decided to call this blog "Mommy on Call" because not only am I a mommy and a doctor, but once you're a mommy, you are literally always "on call." Plus, you feel "post-call" nearly every day as long as baby is not sleeping all the way thru the night yet.

Today I am working Express Care, but it's pretty laid back, allowing me to do things like create a blog! I've been brainstorming ideas for J's first birthday party and seeing some patients as well. JW brought J to see me after church, so I got to feed him and snuggle him a bit. He's wearing his Steeler outfit today to support our team. GO STEELERS! (It's Superbowl Sunday today).

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  1. I love it that you're blogging! It looks great and I am excited to get to hear more from you more often!