Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Last

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Last night I slept alone, without my babes, and heard the cries of my niece when she woke up hungry in the middle of the night.
Last week I delivered lots of babies and dealt with pregnant and postpartum mommies while my own sister was struggling to breathe as her heart was failing her (praise the Lord, she is fine now!!)
Last month we were in Michigan for vacation, visiting family and friends, missing and longing for what was, but very thankful for the friends and blessings we have in the present in North Carolina.
Last year we still lived in Michigan, finishing up our time there, thinking of good-byes and watching a lot of HGTV as we planned on buying our first house ever.

Looking back, it's so easy to see God's hand in every seemingly inconsequential detail of my life, and how He indeed worked everything for Good.  For His Good. 
And it makes me excited for the future, to see what adventures He has for me and my husband and my kiddos; what new places, which new friends, what new experiences. 
I'm happy today isn't my last.  I will enjoy every moment of this short-lived life on Earth.

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  1. How pleased God is when we take time to see and acknowledge his sovereign hand and goodness in our lives. Thanks for sharing! Blessings!