Monday, January 28, 2013

First Day of Preschool...Again!

So my son has an autism spectrum disorder.  Still learning about what that means, but what is still the same, thankfully, is that I know how to be his mommy.  And today he FINALLY started his new preschool after being MIA for almost 4 months.  And though we bit our nails and prayed fiercely, HE DID GREAT!  So great that husband and I decided to celebrate, and we went all toy at Target, haircut at SportClips, dinner at a pizza place, and a cake.  Heck, we wanted him to know that it was a BIG DEAL to "listen to his teacher" today.  And I think he got it.  But tomorrow he'll probably ask for cake again.  At least there's leftovers.  :)  I thank God for the little victories, like today.  Tomorrow is a new day, good or bad, but one thing's the same, I have an amazing little boy.  (and girl, of course, more on her later.)

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