Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday returns...Opportunity!

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When I first think of the word "opportunity," I think of job opportunities, "the opportunity of a lifetime."  But today, when I saw this topic, I immediately (surprise, surprise) thought of the littles.  My kids.  And what an opportunity I have to be their mom, to raise them up in God's word.  I've been speaking more of God into their little ears these last few days of 2013.  For example, Jackson asked where God was; I told him "in heaven.  But also in our hearts."  He responded, "But I can't feel Him."  Ding, ding, ding, an idea came to me.  I beckoned him over and told him to close his eyes and I would help him to feel God.  I gave him a great big hug and loved him hard, and asked him if he felt it, to which he responded, "yes."  Yay!  I then asked him to help Daddy feel God, and sure enough, he repeated the process.  What a blessing.  He's also into princes and kings lately, and I told him that Mommy and Savannah were God's princesses, and he and Daddy were soldiers in God's mighty army.  He wanted to be a prince, so I allowed him that, but told him princes are soldiers too sometimes, ha.  It's really fun to think of filling their heads with wisdom for a lifetime instead of just the ABCs and such.  Hopefully, Jackson will be back at school next week, another change, but it comforts me to know that God is teaching my kids through me, and what an opportunity it is for me to use every moment with them to teach them God's love. 

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  1. If we don't take advantage of those opportunities to teach our children of God's love, we deny them of so much. What a neat way to help your prince/soldier :)