Monday, February 11, 2013

Fellowship of Moms

A few weeks ago, one of my patients brought her son to her appointment.  He was six, cute kid, and pretending to be a puppy dog during the whole visit.  I saw Jackson in that child.  I wondered if he was "on the spectrum."  I would never ask. 

Today, I had an opportunity to see that mom again, alone.  To ask her how everything was going.  Sure enough, she mentioned that her son was recently diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder.)  We talked about how difficult it was to get the diagnosis and get the resources needed to help our children.  We were NOT doctor/patient in that moment, we were just two moms who love our boys immensely and want to do everything possible to help them achieve their potential. 

I was thankful in that moment for that mom.  For someone else that knows exactly what I'm going through.  It's interesting, going through life now spotting children who might have an ASD or SPD (sensory processing disorder), not to condemn or judge, but to give a sympathetic glance to that mom, or to receive one, to see the child not as "bad" or wierd but as beautiful, a child of God. 

Moving here, I've been craving moms to connect with, but also feeling isolated by the "unique" ordeals I've felt my family has been going through.  But really, we're not unique.  We're one of many.   It's just that everyone else has been "hidden from view" for awhile, and now they are coming into focus, like one of those Magic Eye pictures.  Kids with disabilities of all sorts and their moms are all around.  I'm so thankful to see a little more clearly and find them now, to offer and receive support. 

As an aside, we had a pretty rough day with the little man yesterday.  It got so bad that I actually threw a tantrum on the floor to imitate how he was acting.  Real mature.  But in the midst of all that, I saw him hitting the whiffle ball over and over with his dad.  When did that become possible?  I was thankful.  And tonight, as I tucked him into bed, him pretending he was Tramp from "Lady and the Tramp" since we just watched that movie, I thanked God for the moments to feel joy and laugh and see his potential to do great things for the kingdom of God.

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