Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Wide

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"Wide Open Spaces" was my theme song as I left my parents' house and left for college in 1997.  I felt so grown up, going out on my own, finally able to "spread my wings."  And it has taken me 15 years to do so, it has been a growing process, gradually letting go of my "child" status and becoming a woman and eventually a wife and a mother.  And now, my family and I are about to head out into the "Wide Open Spaces" again and relocate from Michigan to North Carolina.  I'll probably dig out that CD so I can listen to it as I drive away from what has been our home for the last 4 years.  I am so thankful for adventures, so thankful that God calls His children to new journeys so that we can better serve Him.  So thankful that He knows my heart and what I desire, and that He will give it to me if only I "delight in Him."  5 days until we leave for our new home, and I'm very excited, but there is definitely some mixed emotions as I know that I will be leaving behind people that I love dearly.  But I am SO thankful that God bridges ANY wide open space to make it small when you have two believers who love Him and love each other.  He will reunite us all someday, in the wide open space of heaven.  Looking forward to that move...  Haha.


  1. praying for you in your transition! how exciting... and Wide Open Spaces... such a fun song! :)
    visiting from 5MF

  2. Beautiful insight! May God pour blessings upon your family as you begin this new life together. Happy, happy, God-filled life to you! Thank you for your presence in the Saginaw area. You will be missed by many.