Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Welcome...Home!

How do you make an apartment welcoming to 2 little kiddos who are used to a house?  I tried to unpack their rooms as fast as I could, complete with welcoming touches like rugs and pics on the wall, their favorite stuffed toys in visible spots, and a new decorative pillow thrown in for good measure.  I decorated for fall with pumpkins.  And I'm trying to be more peaceful in my spirit.  But it's hard to feel welcomed. 

I started my new job this week, and on the dry erase board, in large letters, spelled out, "Welcome Dr. Ruff."  All of my patients say, "So nice to have you on board!" 

There is a sign in front of our apartment complex that welcomes new tenants, and our names are squeezed in amongst other new renters.

But I think the biggest "welcome" is that of my Heavenly Father, who wraps His loving arms around me at night, when I'm feeling the most alone and vulnerable, missing my church family and familiar faces who KNOW me already, who LOVE me no matter what kind of a day I'm having...He says, "Welcome, my child, my dear are ALWAYS home with me." 

Thank you, Jesus.  :)


  1. sounds like lots of new big changes. so glad to hear that you are feeling welcomed. I enjoyed reading this. (visiting from 5 minute friday)

  2. Love this. And you are so right about Heavenly Father. Just remember that you will have a new church family who will also love you and help you and be there for you. I promise that you are not alone.

  3. Again...your words, written so well, bring tears to my eyes. I love and respect your relationship with our Lord. So pure and lovely.