Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Graceful

(Part of a series on parents used to always implore me to be MORE graceful.  I was klutzy growing up, always walking loudly, banging my body into things unintentionally, etc.  I was signed up for ballet with the hopes of developing more grace...but on a memorable early date with my now-husband, I tripped while holding stacks of CDs, so excited to play karaoke with him, and everything went flying...but we laughed and laughed, and the memory still brings laughter today.

Now, when I think of graceful, I don't think of myself and my lack of grace, I think of women that I know and admire who reflect the Grace of God to all they come into contact with.

The new mom who lost her first baby and now holds her healthy second baby in her arms, without an ounce of apparent anxiety or fear, simply radiating joy and love and GRACE.

The mother of ten and wife of one who constantly has a smile for others, constantly shares the promises of GRACE to others, while not hesitating to share her own struggles and need for GRACE.

The mother of two who found herself pregnant with a third when she thought her family was complete...but embraced God's twist in her life with a smile, pushed thru some crazy anxious moments...and today is a testimony of how God's GRACE can change a heart and a mind, no matter how tightly bound in chains they may have been.

Just a few examples of women who are GRACEFUL in my book...and though I still run into walls and talk and walk too loudly, I do hope to continue to receive God's GRACE with an open heart and mind so that I too may help others receive it.

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  1. So blessed to have graceful women in my life too. Thanks so much for sharing about the ones in yours. Blessings!