Thursday, June 28, 2012

Say NO to Strangers...

So Jackson finished his first 2 weeks of swim lessons.  He did not pass to the next level, but I'm really proud of him.  He was so scared of going underwater, and he did it a bunch of times.  We spent 2 hours at the Country Club today with a friend, and without the pressure of "swim class," he was jumping, splashing, and he even went in the BIG POOL with me.  I'm so proud of my little man. 

While we were in the big pool, I asked him if he wanted to ride on my back and I would swim him across.  He said no.  Then a nice older gentleman offered to take him on his back.  He was a little boy's grandfather.  Jackson said, "No, he's a stranger!"  Good job, Jackson!  I'm so thankful that he got SOMETHING out of me reading The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers five thousand times.  :)

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