Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yoga anyone?

So I finally got myself motivated to go on a nice long run today, and I took Jackson along in the BOB stroller. It felt so nice to get outside and do something to help myself feel better. J did really well; he took off his shoe, which I had to confiscate along with his sock so that he wouldn't toss it into the road. What is the nursery rhyme about the little boy with one shoe off and one shoe on? Jackson is in that state a lot. :)
When we got home, I was stretching on the ground outside, and Jackson got down on the ground with me and imitated the position I was in. It was so cute! He really liked it when I bent forward to touch my toes, he thought I was playing peek-a-boo!

"Diddle diddle dumpling, my son John.

He went to bed with his socks on.

One shoe off and one shoe on.

Diddle diddle dumpling, my son John!"

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