Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On Just Being A Mommy...

Today I was really tired.  Tired of therapy sessions and parenting classes.  Tired of trying so hard.  Tired of being tired.  Tired of sticker charts, ignoring, time outs, positive attention. 
I just wanted to hug my little boy when he was throwing a tantrum.
I didn't care if it was giving attention to negative behavior.
I just knew he was upset, and I wanted to fix it. 
I don't know everything about parenting a kid on the spectrum, hence all of the classes and therapies, but I know how to love my son and give him a hug.
It wasn't the "right" thing to do, since I was rewarding a tantrum.  I was told so today, in fact. 
But in my head, I said, "Buzz off, lady!  My kid needs a hug." 
I'll work on the rest of my "skills" tomorrow. 
Today, I'm just going to love.

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