Saturday, December 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Wonder

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This one is easy!  I've been admiring the wonder of my children surrounding this beautiful season of Christmas.  They are so excited by Christmas lights, our Little People nativity set, and the idea of Santa coming to bring them toys (of course).  Two nights ago I had one of the best times with them that I've had in months.  I took them to the mall to go to Barnes and Noble (a weekly ritual), but we decided to walk around the mall to check out the Christmas decorations.  When we walked into the mall, we found out it was Spirit Night at the North Pole, and "Santa" was decked out in UNC Tarheel apparel.  I couldn't resist...despite messy hair and being in "normal" clothes, I decided to have their picture taken.  What better way to document our first Christmas back in North Carolina than to have UNC Tarheels plastered on Santa's shirt, ha!

Savannah was afraid at first, but once she got to hold Rudolph, all was right with the world.  :)

Next, we managed to go to B+N, and Savannah pointed at this older gentleman, roundish, white hair, and a red shirt from his employer, "Apple;" she started saying, "Santa, Santa!"  I explained to the man, named Ralph, that she thought he was Santa because we just came from seeing Santa, and he looks a little like Santa because he, um, has white hair too, yeah.  :)  He took it great, and then proceeded to answer the kids' questions about the North Pole.  It was priceless.  I was cracking up, but just enjoying the moment.  At the end, he praised me on my well-behaved and extremely "bright" children; always something nice to a momma's ears! 

On our way out of the mall, Jackson was in amazement over the strategically placed rocks outside that played Christmas music--he didn't want to leave!  It was really cute, which made another nice stranger laugh and we had a nice conversation about kids and he ended with saying how cute my kids were.  Again, filling up my tank with compliments over my kids that I just haven't heard in awhile, so it was very much well-needed.

God knows just what we need and when we need it, and He planned a great evening filled with "chance" encounters for me to get encouraged.  I am filled with Wonder and Awe at He who knows the intricacies of my soul and who loves me so much that He sent His only son as a baby on Christmas, to be my Savior.  Wow.  Don't you just love Christmas?


  1. Yes, I love Christmas! So glad you took the pic with "messy hair and all." Enjoying the little moments makes this time perfect. :)

  2. Hi Sarah
    Yes, this unplanned encounters are so precious. You have beautiful children and they seem quite happy to talk to others they don't know! Amazing! Taking time off and having fun with your children is a gift straight from heaven.
    Bless you

  3. I do love Christmas. It is one of my favorite seasons :D
    It is special and amazing knowing that God came in flesh and lived with us, and the time to spend time with our loved ones.

  4. So fun! I love your blog. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can see the instructions here:

  5. Definitely a true sign to take in the moments that truly matter and the wonder that is Him all around us.