Friday, December 23, 2011

It's a Sick Christmas, sigh...

So it's a few days before Christmas, and Jackson is sick with a fever.  Then a few minutes ago I heard Savannah upstairs with the telltale "barking" cough of croup...oh joy.  Now both of them are sick for Christmas!  I hope they get better by the 26th so that we can spend the day with family, but if not, oh well, we'll make do.  I just hope they get better and we don't have to go to the ER or anything, since all of the doctors' offices are closed. 

We've been doing the "7" days of Christmas with the kids, giving a little gift each day, so that they're not so overwhelmed on Christmas day.  I wanted Jackson to really enjoy each little thing instead of being so inundated with things that he didn't know what to play with.  It's worked very well.  And I'll probably hide some toys away that he gets on Christmas so that I can bring them out during the year for some fun year round, ha!

Jackson is obsessed with Charlie Brown, specifically the Charlie Brown Christmas movie.  He is convinced that he is Linus, even carrying around his blue blanket.  It's really funny.  It's lasted for a few weeks now.  Every once in awhile he'll be Jackson or Goofy or Mickey Mouse, but usually if you call him Jackson he will say, "I'm not Jackson, I'm Linus!"  It's funny.  I'm grateful to his preschool and Sunday School classes for humoring him and calling him Linus. 

One more funny thing...the other day I said to Jackson, "Hurry up or you'll freeze your butt off," and Jackson replied, "Then how will I go poop?"  Ha!

*I forgot to mention, when Jackson wasn't feeling well, he said, "Pray with me, Mommy!"  So cute!!  Thank you Jesus!*

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