Tuesday, November 1, 2011

John the "Bad-ist"

I just HAD to post this one for my future memory bank.  Jackson is of the age where he says some of the most hilarious things.  A few weeks ago, after Sunday School, I asked him what he learned.  He said he learned about a BAD man.  I asked who the bad man was...he answered, "John the Bad-ist."  I chuckled under my breath and asked, "Why was he bad?"  He replied, "Because he went around shouting and yelling at people."  It was hilarious.

The following week, he climbed on my lap after church and announced, "I wanna be bap-tized, mama."  I asked him what that meant, and he said, "I go under the water, come up, and then I'm baptized!"  So cute.

Last week at church, JW led worship, and he was practicing hard all week.  One of the songs is called, "Sing, Sing, Sing," and Jackson had the lyrics memorized and was belting them out at church louder than most of the congregation!  It was hilarious. 

I love my boy!

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