Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Sorry, Mama

So Jackson has been getting really good about saying he's sorry, even spontaneously...and sometimes hours or days after the fact. His good memory is coming in handy! Last night, he apologized to me after bathtime, about 20 minutes after he had a major meltdown when I told him it was bathtime. This is a daily occurrence (actually, every other day because he hates it so much.) He said to me, "I'm sorry Mama!" "For what, Jackson?" "For yelling at you and for screaming and shouting." Then he proceeded to re-enact our "conversation." "You said, 'It's time for bath.' I said, "No no NO I don't wanna go to bathtime!'" That's right! Of course I forgave him (I already had) and gave him a hug. So sweet!

Our week of mommy and kids is ending, we're headed up to TC to meet up with Daddy today. Hurray! Potty training has been a huge success. Pooping in the potty is still a challenge; last night he waited until I put his nighttime diaper on until he went, yuck, but overall he is doing so great. I have enjoyed this week so much. I feel more like myself than I have in months! I really love being with my kids, and taking care of the house--it's never been cleaner! I didn't get to scrapbook much or have "me" time, but I read a little, which is always nice, got good sleep, and barely turned on the tv at all. And, thanks to friends' help, I was able to work out 4 days this week, amazing! I am NOT looking forward to going back to work on Wednesday. But I will treasure this time always.

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