Friday, November 20, 2009


Here is what Jackson has been up to:

He is 20 months old!
His favorite place to play in the basement, which is known simply by "Down, down!"
He loves to play with his "Shake'n'Go" cars from the movied "Cars," Mader ("may") and Lightning McQueen.
He imitates any word that we say and is so curious as to what everything is called.
When I make dinner, he rushes in to tell JW that din-din is ready ("Din-din, din-din!")
He's into eating eggs at breakfast again.
It's a real challenge to get him to eat regular dinner, but I persevere.
He is VERY stubborn, and he throws regular temper tantrums if he doesn't get his way.
When he wants me to hold him, he'll reach up his arms and say, "Hold, hold."
When he wakes up in the morning, I try to get him to say Good Morning to Daddy, but he just says, "Bye-bye" because he wants to go downstairs.
When we pray every morning, he sits quietly with us and even folds his hands sometimes.
He loves baths! He'll even tolerate me washing his hair now.
He can recognize quite a few letters on his own; as far as numbers, his fave is still the number "9."
I let him watch about 20 minutes of a John Deere DVD the other morning (he was up at 5:30am and I was running out of creative options to keep him quite while JW slept). He loved it! I'm trying not to let him watch TV officially until he turns 2, but I think every once in awhile it will be okay.
Grammi is now "mimi" and Grandma is now "ga-ga." Nana is still "nana," lucky her.

I haven't blogged in awhile, and so much has been going on, so I wanted to brainstorm and give a few updates so I won't forget how adorable my little boy is.

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