Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One man's junk...

25. Wall
26. Y (as in YMCA)

What a busy and fun day today. J slept thru the night until 5:45am, what a success! We had a fun time playing together, then getting JW off to camp. Just before he left, I realized I left the lights to the Honda on last night and the battery was dead. Oops! Thankfully, JW handled it really well, jumped the car, and everything was fine. He wasn't even late! Thank you honey!
Then I took Jackson to Walmart, the bank (he flirted with the drive-up lady), and the YMCA. He did great in the nursery and I had a great workout. Then home, more playing, and naptime. I had a dentist appt so we had our friend's daughter come babysit, and it went really well. He didn't even come get me when I got home!
Then we took a trip to Upland Hills Farm to see Daddy and "shop" through Jason and Jenny's old toys. It was so much fun, Jackson was most impressed with the toy cars (of course), and he is currently fast asleep clutching a toy tractor for dear life. Sigh. I'm tired, night-night!

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