Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to Michigan!

The long delay has been because we were skiing in Seven Springs in PA with my family last week. We had a blast--it was great snowboarding weather, we didn't get frostbite, and little J had a great time bonding with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Paula. We all memorized "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" because J wanted us to keep reading it over and over and over...

J is more active than ever. We just bought him new shoes today, with Elmo on them, so that he can walk outside as the weather starts to get nicer. It took him about 45 minutes to adjust to them before he would start walking, it was so funny! It was like he had lead bricks on his feet, and he would only crawl. But he's a pro now, so if it starts to warm up and start raining, we're back outside for sure!

This week we're preparing to celebrate Jackson's first birthday! I'm excited, but sad too, because my little baby is getting to be a big boy, and as I prepare to start weaning, I'll just have to find other ways to bond with him. But overall I'm super proud of the little boy he is becoming and of the great dad JW has become. It makes me smile to see all of the progress. God continues to help me realize the kind of mommy I am, but it helps to remember that I'm HIS child as well.

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