Wednesday, October 15, 2014

8 years and counting!

Yesterday, JW and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!  Life must go on, so no fancy celebratory vacations were planned, but his mom and aunt, who have been visiting us this week, set us up with a very extraordinary anniversary dinner, complete with tablecloth, gold-plated silverware, 5 course meal (with dessert!) and entertainment provided by my kiddos.  It was wonderful.  One of the most fun parts was getting able to use my nice drinking glasses and serveware that I never get to use on a daily basis.  We registered for some good stuff 8 years ago (thank you friends and family!!).  Jackson was very excited, and he kept saying, "Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!"  He dressed up (like a fireman with a superhero cape and cowboy hat) and serenaded us with violin music (he's been taking lessons and is PRETTY good if I do say so myself.)  He said, "Thank you for getting married, you guys did good.  Thank you for getting engaged at the farm where I had camp.  You are the best mommy and daddy ever!"  It was precious.  Savannah wore her tutu, did some ballet moves, and ate fruit and mints and sparkling cider for dinner.  It was so great.  JW and I felt honored by our family and children, and it would be nice to some day take a vacation for our anniversary, but until then, I'll take fancy at-home dinners any day.

(Picture during our Hawaii honeymoon October 2006)


  1. Happy anniversary, and I need to hear more about Jackson's violin lessons!

  2. Wow your kids comments were so sweet! And just imagining Jackson all dressed up for you was a fun mental picture (fireman with a superhero cape and cowboy hat... love that combo). Happy 8th Anniversary!