Thursday, May 24, 2012

22 Months--Almost 2 years old!

Savannah is almost 2 years old, I can't believe it!  In some ways, she seems so much like a little baby--still in diapers, nursing, not talking too much...but she's growing and thriving and learning more every day.  Here a few more words she can say...

7.) Bye
8.) Bubbles
9.) Gaga/Papa

She's wearing 24 month/2T clothes, still in size 4 diapers, size 6 shoes.
She loves picking her outfits and shoes in the morning.
She loves playing with Jackson--he wakes her up every morning in her crib, they play in there until I come up, it's adorable listening to them in the monitor.
She is really good at putting puzzles together.
She shares, picks up toys, gives lots of hugs and kisses, and is a great eater!
Still nursing...
Will fold her hands to pray at bedtime, loves when Daddy and I sing to her--I sing "You are My Sunshine," Daddy sings "Jesus Loves Me."
She loves being outside, doing whatever Jackson is doing.
She's a great sleeper!  She goes to bed at 8, wakes up around 7, and naps about 3 hours in the afternoon. 
Her current favorite activity is blowing bubbles.  :)

And now the planning for her second birthday party begins...

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