Monday, February 13, 2012

So, Mommy...

As Jackson approaches age 4, he has started coming out with the funniest things!  When he is going to ask me a questions, he's started saying, "So, Mommy..."  in a very grown-up manner.  It's really funny.  He also has been saying, "You're kidding me!"  It's really funny.

I sat with Jackson before bed and let him watch a few YouTube videos of Cinderella, highlighting some of the famous songs and such.  We don't own that movie, but he liked it.  It was fun to do that with him.  But then I had to show him some Cars 2 clips, and that revved him up way too much.  Lesson for next time.

Savannah still won't talk, but she started saying, "uh-oh" in this teeny tiny voice which is really funny. 

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