Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Stuff

So I just wanted to note a few things.  First of all, Savannah now has 4 teeth!  Hurray!  They're not even yet, so it looks really funny.  She also has started saying a word for when she wants to nurse, "Na-na."  Cute!  And she has begun to carry around her little bowl of cheerios, spilling them all in her wake.  It's great.

Jackson is very much into the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He will "become" Mickey or Donald or Goofy throughout the course of the day, and we can't call him "Jackson."  He dances to the song at the end of the show, and he now has a Mickey doll he can carry around.  It works really well when Mickey does certain things I want Jackson to do...  He even does "Mousekersize" and runs around like crazy doing flips.  He's a good tumbler! 

Last night, he decided he was Heidi the I proceeded to give him milk and "cat food" (dinner), and he actually ate some!  My plans slightly backfired when I threatened to put him in his cage if he didn't behave, and he actually WANTED to go into the cage, at which point I revealed there wasn't really a cage.  Oh well.  :)

So cute, love my kiddos!

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